20 years in Bulgaria

We entered the Bulgarian market in 1994. Our history is one of our strengths. The fact that we have been in Bulgaria for 20 years gives us a lot of knowledge of the country. Back then we made a conscious decision to stay committed to our clients. And we have done just that. We unlocked Bulgaria for many of our global clients and unlocked the world for many of our Bulgarian clients.

In 20 years, being part of society is a responsibility, we’ve been welcomed as guest 20 years ago and were allowed to become part of society. In return we believe that our role in society as a bank is to facilitate financial activity and stimulate economic development. The ultimate benefit of a thriving economy is to catalyse social progress and, consequently, a better quality of life for people. A stable society in which everyone has access to financial opportunity and the financial system is a prerequisite for a sustainable economic system.

20 years ago we expanded our business into Central & Eastern Europe, bringing the our entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a no-nonsense mentality to Bulgaria. These ING values stayed, but combined with local culture it blended into a unique mix. We did not only enter the market but we became part of society.

Therefore would like to thank Bulgaria for giving us a past and future in business and society.