InsideBusiness Payments CEE

Our electronic banking solution is InsideBusiness Payments CEE, a product which is successfully used in many countries. InsideBusiness Payments CEE is a fast and flexible banking service which allows you to securely execute all the necessary transactions and bank operations. InsideBusiness Payments CEE offers you the newest web technology in order to facilitate an efficient cash and treasury management activity within your company.

InsideBusiness payments CEE

By simple click, you obtain efficiency and financial control of your business as well as mobility and comfort, all leading to a higher resource saving (time, money, and personnel).

Enter: InsideBusiness payments CEE

Through InsideBusiness Payments CEE, ING Bank offers a very competitive, efficient, secure and easy-to-use internet banking service. We have practically built a virtual ING branch where clients are enabled to operate their accounts and perform all kinds of financial transactions, in highly secure conditions, no matter the time and location, through just one click.


InsideBusiness Payments CEE allows clients of ING Bank to use our banking services without coming to the bank, straight from their computers. InsideBusiness Payments CEE supports world wide access and real time information. The key advantages and functions are as follows:

▪ World wide access;
▪ Fast and easy-to-use.
▪ Browser based banking via Internet
▪ Real time information
▪ Monitor all incoming and outgoing movements on accounts;
▪ Print account statements;
▪ Initiate domestic payments, as well as budget payments;
▪ Initiate cross border payments;
▪ Initiate demand cash collections
▪ FX deals;
▪ Deposits;
▪ Importing capabilities from accounting system(s) to InsideBusiness Payments CEE (e.g. salary payments);
▪ Exporting of information from InsideBusiness Payments CEE.