Choose the best solution to protect you against fluctuations of market interest rates. ING Bank Amsterdam N.V. offers wide variety of products, fully tailored to your needs and requirements


  1. Interest Rate Risk Management

Fluctuations of the main interbank interest rate quotes like SOFIBOR, EURIBOR or LIBOR directly affect the total value of Client’s short- and long-term debt. This can be avoided by using suitable hedging products, which allow for precise and clean budgeting of the future value of corporate debt.

  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Forward Rate Agreement (FRA)
  1. Commodity Hedging

Many of our corporate Clients (importers, exporters and traders) are heavily exposed to the high volatility in the commodity market prices. In response to their needs to plan, control and budget commodity prices, ING Bank N. V. Amsterdam can propose tailor-made hedging solutions and risk advisory professional services for most types of commodity products: Agriculture/Grains; Oil/Gas/Power & Coal; Base & Precious Metals; Softs.

Diesel Hedging – Business Case:

  • Fixed-for-floating Swap
  • Zero-cost Collar
  • Cap option